“Community” isn’t lucky only because it managed to get a Season 5, despite low ratings and cast/writer departures. The show is also fortunate in its fans. Now, those fans are getting ready for the second Communicon, a two-day event celebrating all things “Community.”

Being the fan-driven event that it is, of course Kickstarter is going to be the funding of choice.

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Unlike the first year, when “Community” aficionados simply bought tickets for the event, the second Communicon will offer admission only to Kickstarter backers. The campaign launched on Wednesday (Aug. 7) and has only two weeks to make its $13,000 goal.

That shouldn’t be too hard though. Over $11,000 was raised in the first 48 hours. “Community” fans are nothing if not dedicated.

Like most Kickstarter projects, backers get special rewards for their donations. At the lowest level ($10), this is as simple as a “thank you” on Twitter. The pledges only go up from there — a $40 pledge guarantees Communicon admission while a $1000 pledge offers a bunch of presents, Con admission, fun time in the green room and co-moderating a panel.

While the organizers of Communicon don’t have a set list of “Community”-related participants, it is likely that fans will get at least a few favorites. The first event featured the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, as well as panels of supporting actors and staff writers on the show. Stars Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown showed up too.

Communicon will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 19 (naturally) and 20 in Los Angeles. 

If you need an explanation for October 19, watch this video. It has everything you need.

Posted by:Laurel Brown