chevy chase dan harmon 'Community' feud: Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon face off    will Pierce be back for Season 4?Just as the dust has begun to settle on last year’s epic feud between Charlie Sheen and “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre… this happens. “Community” actor Chevy Chase and the series’ creator, Dan Harmon, are currently embroiled in an unfortunately public war of words, which leads us to wonder if Chase’s character, Pierce, is headed for expulsion.

Here’s how it all went down. Allegedly.

Chase has never been particularly vocal about loving his job on “Community,” but toward the end of Season 3 filming, he began to speak out against the show. When The Huffington Post was on set, he was candid about his dissatisfaction with his character. “I’m funny. Pierce isn’t funny,” he said, later adding, “I have creative issues with this show. I always have.”

He said that watching Joel McHale’s character wrap up each episode is “like being relegated to hell and watching ‘Howdy Doody’ for the rest of your life.” He admitted that he hates sitcoms and feels that “Community” does nothing to elevate the format. “I’m not really gonna buck you all up a lot and say that this is the one,
the one that tells it innovatively. It is what it is. I would like to
see it go further. I think, if you know me and my humor over the years,
you know that this is certainly not my kind of thing. I probably won’t
be around that much longer, frankly.”

Ouch. The unrest escalated while shooting the finale, when Chase walked off set before completing his scenes for the last episode of the season. He claims that he left because Harmon hadn’t provided him with a script for the scenes; other on-set sources tell Deadline that he left because he felt the scenes weren’t funny.

They report that Harmon, exasperated by Chase’s on-set conduct, took things to a new low at the Season 3 wrap party, when he led a “F*** you, Chevy Chase!” speech and encouraged cast and crew to curse Chase out — all in front of his wife and daughter, who were in attendance.

Chase left the party, furious, and left Harmon a voicemail, in which Chase calls Harmon a “goddamn a**hole alcoholic fat s*** who will live to be about 57 if you’re lucky” and refers to his work as “goddamn bad-writing sh*** stink-o f***” and an “abomination.” It continues to get more offensive from there.

Harmon played the voicemail for an audience and it leaked online. You can click here to listen, but be warned — it’s obviously NSFW.

NBC has yet to renew “Community” for Season 4, though we’re hearing it’s a very safe bet. As for Pierce’s place in the study group… not so much.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie