community-gillian-jacobs-joel-mchale-the-first-chang-dynasty-nbc-community-finale“Community” is going to wow audiences with it’s 90 minute season finale on May 17. It’s actually three 30-minute episodes in a row. Yes, this does seem like a network burn off, in case you were wondering. The show has been renewed for a paltry 13 episodes, but NBC has moved it to a Friday night death slot. Think they were having a hard time getting people to watch live before?

Still, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the meta loveliness that is “Community” when the season finale airs. The first episode, “Digital Estate Planning” will feature the study group (has anyone ever seen them study?) in 8-bit video game form.

So, “Community” fans, make sure you watch the show live and keep your fingers crossed the showrunner/creator Dan Harmon doesn’t leave next season. Maybe you want to cross your toes and contact your local contortionist to cross all his limbs.

Posted by:jbusch