Today’s cuppa: PG Tips tea

Thumbnail image for Community_Group.jpgOn Oct. 1, I did a set visit to NBC’s “Community” and got a bunch of wonderful interviews, one of which was supposed to appear in print this week, because “Community” was supposed to have its season four premiere on Friday, Oct. 19.

But it didn’t.

That’s because NBC, in its infinite wisdom, had delayed the premiere of the only comedy I regularly watch (and the only one of its shows, aside from the NFL on Sunday, that I really give a dang about) to some date or another in the dim and distant future, perhaps after the presidential election.

(I’m not sure if watching “Community” would have affected the election, but there might be a poll out there suggesting that. I hereby nominate Pierce and Abed as the next debate moderators. There might be a pillow fight, a real fight or pizza, but at least I won’t have to drink two large hot mugs of tea afterwards just to calm down.)

Anyhoo, “Community” — and my interviews — will appear “someday,” and when that day happens, it’ll be Oct. 19 (Years ago, I had a dream in which Oct. 19 was a very significant day. Just thought I’d throw that out there.). Allow the cast to explain …

By the way, I recently saw fired “Community” creator and all around delightfully loose cannon Dan Harmon speak at Digital Hollywood. Stay tuned to this space for more on that.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare