“Community” isn’t back on TV yet, but you can bring Greendale into your life this holiday season. There are many gifts available for super-fans — more than just black-felt goatees and fancy Dean costumes.

Whatever your strange “Community” desires and whatever your price range, check out the options here:

Gifts under $25

Cool, cool, cool card ($4.00) – If you just want a stocking stuffer (or a card to hold money), how about one that bears Abed’s catchphrase?

Greendale Human Being plush doll ($12.00) – Dressing like the Greendale mascot might not be terribly fun. But he/she/it is still cuddly and makes a great toy!
Troy and Abed mug ($14.99) – All fans of the show-within-the-show, “Troy and Abed in the Morning,” (you know you just sang that) surely want to drink coffee like everyone’s favorite fake morning hosts.

8-bit characters iPhone case ($16.99) – When will there be a “Journey to the Center of Hawthorne” app? Hard to say. But until there is, protect your phone with the 8-bit characters from the game.

community gift guide 8 bit phone cover 'Community' holiday gift guide: Presents for October 19 and beyond
Gifts under $50
community gift guide anniesmove 'Community' holiday gift guide: Presents for October 19 and beyond
#AnniesMove t-shirt ($26.00) – You don’t actually have to help Annie move if you wear this. Also, it’s not as potentially offensive as the name the slogan was based on.

Greendale Community College messenger bag ($45.00) – Go Greendale, go Greendale, go! Now you can go too, as long as you have an official Greendale Community College bag.

“Community” Season 4 on DVD ($45.99) – Get ready for everything that’s coming in Season 5 with a review of the previous season. Plus, this is your last chance to revel in the joys of Pierce Hawthorne!

Gifts under $100

“Would that this hoodie were a time hoodie” hoodie ($50.40) – In a show of great lines, this one (quoted by Dean Pelton from his unpublished novel) may be the best. Celebrate it.

“Season 6 Finale: Revolutionary Studies in Musical Theatre ($65.00) – Can six seasons and a movie happen? Indulge both this dream and a love for fine arts with a beautiful print from artist Rebecca Hayes.

community gift guide s6 finale art print rebecca hayes 'Community' holiday gift guide: Presents for October 19 and beyond
“Community” will return for Season 5 on Thursday, Jan. 2.

Posted by:Laurel Brown