Getting rid of a major character is one of those dilemmas that TV shows occasionally have to deal with. “Community” is facing this very problem with the abrupt departure of Chevy Chase from the series. So how will Pierce Hawthorne disappear?

It is starting to sound like this isn’t too much of a problem for the endlessly creative minds over at “Community.”

According to a report from TVLine — shot out of order at least partially to work Chase into the episode — will feature a cliffhanger ending. The fates of several characters will remain unknown at this point. Pierce Hawthorne is one of them.

There are no details on the precise fate that can rid “Community” of this troublesome actor, but the plan reportedly works as an explanation for Pierce’s disappearance, should the show return for season 5.

As for the two episodes filmed after Chase’s departure, there is a plan for them as well. Somehow, “Community” will keep the character around even without the actor. How? There are no hints about that yet, but some ideas that might work include:

  • Inexplicably and without comment, another actor plays the part of Pierce
  • Pierce has always “just left the room” in every scene
  • The man appears as a hologram pieced together from old Chevy Chase footage
  • “Pierce,” played by someone else, wears a face-concealing costume 
  • The character gets sick and just misses a couple of days of school
  • “Community” enters a parallel reality (like the Darkest Timeline perhaps?) in which Pierce Hawthorne never existed

This is “Community,” after all. Anything can happen.

Posted by:Laurel Brown