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The cast and the producers of NBC’s “Community” hit the PaleyFest on Wednesday and though the shenanigans of one Mr. Chevy Chase were certainly a treat for the crowd to watch, the episode they screened, which airs this week (Mar. 4), was clearly the highlight of the evening.

Remember last Friday when I told you that “Modern Family” had showcased its best half hour so far? I believe “Community” has followed suit.
What you will see on this Thursday’s episode exemplifies everything that is working for them. 
Sure, Joel McHale does a nude scene, and yes, we do talk with him about it in the clip below. But even better than that (and that’s saying a lot because, giiiirl, Joel be lookin’ gooooood) is the white-hot comedy chemistry happening within this cast. That, coupled with the quick-witted writing — which includes a lot of pop culture references and inappropriate racial humor — makes “Community” a true stand out. 
Still, they’re pushing the envelope. Joel and creator Dan Harmon revealed that they’re currently shooting this season’s “special episode,” which happens to include a lot of gun play.

The boys told me that it’s pretty much a 22-minute action movie which “The Fast & The Furious” director Justin Lin is helming. Joel describes it as “The Warriors” meets “I Am Legend” meets “Casino Royale” meets “Die Hard.”
And Dan Harmon said he might possibly get fired over it because it’s kind of insane. But they wanted to try something daring in this first year.

Plus, Donald Glover (Troy) gets to “Get some bitches!” in it, so that’s good too.
How ’bout we just let Joel tell you the rest…

Watch “Community,” my friends. Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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