Joel-McHale-Community.jpgThe feud between “Community” creator Dan Harmon and star Chevy Chase has been all over the headlines lately. Joel McHale co-hosted “Live with Kelly” on April 12 and joked about the situation.

Hale told host Kelly Ripa, “There’ve been some awesome recorded messages. But I think it’s
impossible because there’s no way Chevy could operate voice mail.” If you recall, Harmon shared an angry voice mail from
Chase at a comedy show. Another one just leaked with Chase using bad
language and saying, “I want to make people laugh and this isn’t funny.”

McHale made light of the situation, saying, “He hibernates 9 months out
of the year and when you wake up from that you’re very cranky,” and
“It’s keeping us in the news, so that’s a good thing. Maybe I should
bait him into calling me today here.”

“He’ll text me strange things, like just the word ‘poltergeist,'” McHale says. “I’ll
just write him back ‘group of penguins.’ It makes no sense to me.” What do you guys think of the situation? Is it marring your beloved show? Let us know what you think?

Posted by:jbusch