community lost josh holloway alison brie nbc 'Community' milks the chemistry between 'Lost's' Josh Holloway and Alison Brie

Sometimes it takes a “Community” to bring back Josh Holloway from the land of the “Lost.” And it doesn’t hurt if a pretty lady is waiting for him. The actor appears in Thursday’s (May 5) Part 1 of the finale, a redux of its popular paintball episode from Season 1.
“He’s just a hot guy. He’s just hot,” Alison Brie, who plays Annie, says on a recent press call. “Everybody just kind of would blush when he came into the room. It was very exciting. You could feel the collective excitement about Josh Holloway when he was there, and I was lucky enough to get to do some great scenes with him.”
Holloway plays “The Black Rider,” whose presence on the Greendale Community College campus brings a whole new intensity to the school’s paintball games.
“He’s badass,” creator Dan Harmon tells EW. “He’s from somewhere else so he’s not your typical Greendale screwball. He’s definitely got his stuff together, and he knows how to shoot a gun and he’s got the right equipment. He’s a formidable, shadowy threat. He seems to out-Winger Winger a little bit…. Having another fellow with such looks in the story certainly brings out the worst in Jeff.”
But, while he brings out the worst in Jeff, it seems as if he brings something else out of Annie. 
“I know they’ve teased some of our – you know, a bit of a flirtatious scene that we had together,” Brie says. “And that was really fun to shoot because, you know, we kind of started doing the scene and as we were doing it, our writer was there and our director was there and they were sort of like, ‘We’ve got to milk this chemistry.'”
“I guess it was going really well,” she continues. “And they ended up adding some lines and adding some moments for Josh and I later in the episode or later in that scene, and that was exciting for me. I was like, ‘Yes, chemistry with Josh Holloway; nailed it.'”
Watch Brie and Holloway’s chemistry below:

“Community” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.
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