Rob Corddry.jpgWe were over the moon when we heard about the return of “Community.” All the flash mobs and internet campaigns made a difference, and our beloved comedy will be back with all new episodes on March 15th. We’re also getting the return of comedian Rob Corddry, according to EW.

If you recall, Corddry played lawyer Alan Connor, the former colleague of Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) who turned him into the State Bar for his not quite legit law degree. Doesn’t that sort of make him a good guy? If he hadn’t done it, Jeff wouldn’t have had amazing adventures with his study group buddies.

Corddry’s return will happen in the season finale, which will air in late spring. He’ll be representing Pierce (Chevy Chase) and Jeff representing Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) in Summer Fun Court. The case? A debate over a sandwich business that the two started together. We’ll also see a return of Vice Dean Laybourne, played by John Goodman, who will try to pull Troy (Donald Glover) back into the Air Conditioning fold with his perfect temperatures and mob tactics. Gosh we’ve missed this show!

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