community comic con 2012 'Community' Season 4: Dan Harmon will be missed, cast saysNew “Community” showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port seem to be on the right track for Season 4 — they’ve promised that they’re not going to screw it up — but that doesn’t mean ousted creator Dan Harmon won’t be missed.

“Of course it’s hard to say goodbye to Dan — we all love Dan,” star Alison Brie tells Zap2it at Comic-Con. But the cast had no say in the decision over whether Harmon would stay or go. “It’s something that’s out of our control. We weren’t even sure that we would have a fourth season, so the fact that we get to come back and be together I think is a really wonderful thing.”

Besides, although the “Community” cast members all adore their jobs and their fans, at the end of the day, it’s work. “This is a business,” says Yvette Nicole Brown. “Business decisions happen that you may not love, but as a professional you show up and you do your job.”

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And it’s not as if Harmon is dead or anything — he and the cast still see each other. Joel McHale says he texts back and forth with his former boss, and Brie is a part of Harmon’s animated Adult Swim pilot.

“Dan is still in our lives. It’s not like Dan has gotten shipped off to Siberia somewhere,” Brown says. “We just saw Dan a couple weeks ago at the art show [of ‘Community’-inspired fan-made work] and he’s doing really well. His word to me to share with people is, ‘Don’t feel sorry for me. Life is good.'”

McHale already feels comfortable with Port and Guarascio because he’s collaborated with them in the past. “I know the new guys, I worked with them on ‘The I.T. Crowd,’ which was a pilot for NBC in 2007 with the great Richard Ayoade.”

He continues: “They’re great, and a lot of the writers are back. It’s one of those things where you just kind of proceed. We’re not back to work, so I’m not sure how it all goes yet. I’m excited that we got the pickup and that we’re on TV. Thank God!”

“Community” returns to NBC on its new night on Friday, October 19 at 8:30 p.m.

Posted by:Jean Bentley