The first episode of “Community” Season 4 is called “History 101.” So of course new photos of that long-awaited episode feature men in tight, shiny unicorn costumes. And “The Hunger Games.”

Yes, “Community” is still as weird as ever.

Granted, these photos do not give much information on what the episode might actually be about or how anything relates to the study group taking a history class together. That’s OK. We do not need real information when we get to see Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) flanked by two unicorn men.

Is there a connection between the unicorns and “The Hunger Games”? Probably? Whether there is or not, it does look like Jeff (Joel McHale) will be competing in what just might be called “The Hunger Deans.”

The Dean is judging anyway.

It’s not just Jeff roped into the insanity. Another photo from the episode shows Abed (Danny Pudi) slithering under a field of (deadly?) lasers.

We will just have to assume that those lasers are another part of the games. Whatever the competition actually entails, it seems rough. This final photo shows Jeff at the end of his trials — ripped clothing, almost-mussed hair and dirt cover the man. The Dean, on the other hand, has a new dress.

Unless the premiere gets pushed again, “Community” Season 4 will return on Thursday, Feb. 7.

Posted by:Laurel Brown