It’s finally October 19! Let the sad, slow march toward death begin**!

Or maybe we can just watch the “Community” Season 4 premiere. In a deep, meta way that “Community” and its fans know oh-too-well, it’s the same thing. We should, however, focus on beginnings and not potential endings?

And what a beginning we get for the new season in “History 101”! Here are five spoilers about the episode:

1. The very first moment of “Community” Season 4 will make you want to burst into spontaneous and totally unprompted applause.

2. Did you know that America’s sexiest aviator is Leo DiCaprio?

3. A rather brilliant impression of Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) comes from an unlikely source.

4. If you don’t feel like liking “Community” anymore, may we suggest such fine programming as “American Sword Cooks” or “Blind/Blonde”?

5. Have you ever watched “Inception”? Did you understand it? “Community” is ready to offer you another chance at comprehension as it begins the season. Only this version has more laughing and fewer hauntings from long-lost wives.

“Community” returns for Season 4 on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8pm on NBC. Go seniors!

** Yes, that’s a quote from the episode.

Posted by:Laurel Brown