When ratings numbers are released on Friday, there’s a good chance that “Community” fans will be displeased. But why should we dwell on a negative when there are so many positives? The Nielsen ratings may ignore this show, but Twitter does not. In fact, Twitter may have gone a little “Community”-wild during the Season 4 premiere.

How wild, you ask?

Well, during the initial airing of the episode at 8pm ET, a grand total of 20 US trending topics were “Community”-related. These were:

1. #WatchCommunityLIVEonNBC
2. #JeffWinger
3. #CommunityNBCTonight
4. #WhowillwintheHungerDeans
5. #AbedNadir
6. #WatchCommunityLIVE
7.  #Coolcoolcool                  
8. #CommunityReturnsTONIGHT
9. #TodayIsOct19
10. #BrittaPerry
11. #TroyBarnes
12. #AlmostCommunityTimeNBC
13. #TheStudyGroupisBack
14. #TroyAndAbedBackFromSummer
15. Troy and Abed
16. Fred Willard
17. American Sword Cooks
18. #NewJeff
19. #HungerDeans
20. #Community

In addition to this, “Community” scored two worldwide trends with “#NewJeff” and “Chang.” A total of 1.3 million impressions were gained by the show for its premiere. When you consider that “Community” rarely has more than a few million total viewers (according to the Nielsen ratings, anyway), that is especially impressive.

Why did this happen? “Community” fans have long been an Internet-savvy bunch, and Twitter is a hotspot for the fandom’s activities. Add in the fact that the show has been off the air since last spring — and that the Season 4 premiere was delayed from October 19 to February 7 — and the passion for super-tweeting was there.

But will any of this enthusiasm translate into solid ratings for “Community”s return?

Posted by:Laurel Brown