“Community” Season 4 is going to be epic. That’s what this preview video promises. It’s also what fans of the comedy kind of need after so many months with no show on the air.

Fortunately, this is “Community.” If ever a sitcom were to achieve epic standing, this would be the one. For now, however, we must simply content ourselves with an epic preview.

What exactly makes this video so epic?

  • The footage in the video comes from multiple episodes of “Community” Season 4. The “Hunger Deans” bits are from the premiere, but most of the rest of the clips are from later episodes.
  • Chang (Ken Jeong) is back. Except now his name is Kevin and he needs flash cards.
  • Pierce (Chevy Chase) does not really have secret dogs. This should not be a surprise to anyone who is not Troy (Donald Glover).
  • Magnitude isn’t allowed to say “Pop pop!” That isn’t so much epic as disturbing actually.
  • There is indeed an Inspector Spacetime convention. You can expect a lot of friendship drama from that one.
  • “I remember when this show was about community college.” I suppose it kind of was… Once.
  • Costumes. So many costumes.
  • There may or may not be escapades. They’re a grey area.

“Community” Season 4 premieres on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8pm on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown