The first part of the “Community” Season 5 finale, “Basic Story,” is coming all too soon to NBC. What strangeness will come along with that finale? Keep reading for five spoilers to keep you guessing.

When it becomes evident that the Save Greendale Committee has done its job all too well, everything seems set for pure contentment. But then it turns out that by saving Greendale, the Committee may have actually destroyed their (semi-)beloved school.

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Here is what we can tell you about the episode:

1. One scene focuses very closely on a man slurping soup.

2. The city of Greendale defines a dog as an animal with four legs and a tail. Somehow, this is related to an important development in the story.

3. Two of the characters make a big and surprising decision. It involves olive oil, but not in the way you would expect (if you have a dirty mind).

4. Did you know that six people every year are crushed to death by vending machines? Dean Pelton tries to bring that number to seven.

5. There is a big — but understated and surprising — cameo who makes perfect sense, considering some plot developments in the episode.

“Basic Story,” the first part of the “Community” Season 5 finale, airs Thursday, April 10 at 8 p.m. on NBC. The second part, “Basic Sandwich,” will follow one week later.

Posted by:Laurel Brown