“Community” Season 5 has ended, and it’s possible that the series is done with that finale, “Basic Sandwich.” But while there’s still a chance that the fabled “six seasons and a movie” could happen, fans can keep hope alive.

Here are six reasons why “Community” needs to return and fulfill its destiny.

1. You wouldn’t really wish a meteor strike on Greendale, would you? According to Abed, that’s the only way “Community” wouldn’t return.

2. Donald Glover could return as Troy if there were another season. He could also return in a movie. This is not to say that he will return. But he could. And that would be awesome.

3. There are still more worlds to parody and there are more stupid games to play with an inflated sense of importance. Season 5 has brought back a taste of the ludicrous glory seen in Seasons 2 and 3 (and, in all honesty, part of Season 1 as well). There is nothing like “Community” on television, and it’s not like there are any easy replacements out there.

4. “The Cape” was canceled halfway through its first season. Thus, it falls to “Community” to realize Abed’s prophecy.

5. Those alternative programs suggested at the end of the Season 5 finale looked awful. I mean, none of them feature Annie’s Boobs (aka Crystal the monkey, aka the star of that weird vet show), but “Mr. Egypt” just can’t be the future of TV.

6. The world is just a sadder place without Greendale and its crazy inhabitants. Do you really want to just focus on depressing things like Ukraine or “Mad Men”? Because that just might be the case if “Community” did not return.

Posted by:Laurel Brown