The first part of the “Community” Season 5 finale, “Basic Story,” has several strange twists. Photos from the episode hint at the surprises to come.

Why are Jeff and Britta kissing? What causes Jeff and the Dean to fight by the vending machines? And why does Save Greendale Committee look so happy?

First up, the mystery of the kiss:

community-512-basic-story-jeff-britta-joel-mchale-gillian-jacobs-nbc.JPGIt’s not like this is the first time there has been evidence of physical affection between Jeff and Britta. Heck, they spent substantial parts of Seasons 1 and 2 secretly doing it. But the kiss in “Basic Story” comes with a bit of a twist, one that might indicate a surprising endgame for these characters.

Moving on to the vending machine, let’s just say that Jeff has grabbed the Dean for his own good.

community-512-basic-story-jeff-dean-joel-mchale-jim-rash-nbc.JPGFinally, the contentment on the faces of the Committee is both well-earned and short-lived. Cell phone games come into the picture a few moments later.

community-512-basic-story-jeff-joel-mchale-nbc.JPGStill confused? That’s fair — you wouldn’t really want an episode of “Community” to be straightforward, would you?

“Basic Story,” the first part of the “Community” Season 5 finale, airs Thursday, April 10 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown