community-season-5-joel-mchale-jim-rash-interview-nbc.JPGThe first four seasons of “Community” have played around with a handful of couplings of its characters — Jeff and Britta, Britta and Troy, Jeff and Annie, Jeff and the Dean.

OK, so that last one has taken place just about entirely in Dean Pelton’s (Jim Rash) head, but his unrequited crush on Jeff (Joel McHale) has been a consistently reliable source of comedy for the series. With Season 5 of the show just a week away, NBC has released this video chronicling the evolution of this very, very one-sided relationship.

Despite the Dean’s best efforts, Jeff did end up graduating last season. But the pull of Greendale is strong, and the Dean will no doubt be ecstatic that events in Jeff’s life bring him back to the college in Season 5. Take a look at their time together:

Posted by:Rick Porter