community-season-5-levar-burton-donald-glover-troy-nbc.JPG“Community” Season 5 will welcome back LeVar Burton for an episode, according to the actor’s Twitter feed. This will be Burton’s second appearance on the show. He will probably still traumatize Troy this time around.

The unofficial announcement about Burton’s return was posted late on Monday (Sept. 16) to Burton’s Twitter page:

“Romping through Greendale with @DonaldGlover #bydhttmwfi”

community season 5 levar burton donald glover troy twitter 'Community' Season 5: LeVar Burton to return, terrify TroyThere was no information about why LeVar Burton would return to Greendale, but it’s a big positive that the man will at least be hanging around Donald Glover and his character of Troy.

Burton first appeared on “Community” back in 2011 for Season 2’s “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” episode. In that installment, the actor played himself, hired by Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) as a “present” for Troy Barnes. This was meant to be a touching bequeathal from a supposedly dying man (he wasn’t really) to a frind.

In reality, the arrival of Burton was meant only to traumatize Troy. You see, the young man so idolized the “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor that he couldn’t speak in Burton’s presence, for fear of disappointing the man. All Troy had really wanted was a picture — “You can’t disappoint a picture!”

Check out Burton’s earlier appearance below.

Posted by:Laurel Brown