community rob corddry return gi 'Community' Season 5: Rob Corddry to return as a lawyer

“Community” Season 5 will see the return of one of its most distasteful (in a funny way, of course) characters. Rob Corddry (“Children’s Hospital”) will return to play the role of Alan Connor in the upcoming season’s premiere episode (as reported by TVLine).

The character of Alan Connor appeared several times on “Community” in the past, most recently in the show’s Season 3 finale. A lawyer and former colleague of Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), Alan’s main purpose has been to bring Jeff back to the dark side of the law. He also has done things like represent Pierce Hawthorne in a community college-based lawsuit.

Why will Alan return in Season 5? Considering that Jeff has finally managed to get that college degree — thereby allowing him to work as lawyer again — it’s possible that Alan could show up in a work situation. He may also be back to his recruiting ways, no matter where Jeff’s career path has taken him.

Whatever the case, Corddry’s character will probably be interacting with the other characters at Greendale Community College. After all, there’s no chance that Jeff Winger will stray from the safety of his study-room fold.

No date has been set for the “Community” Season 5 return, but new episodes are most likely expected in the winter of 2014.

Posted by:Laurel Brown