“Community” Season 5 is everything you want it to be. Darkly funny, edgy and embarrassing-laughter inducing, the first episodes of the new season — “Repilot” and “Introduction to Teaching” — are pretty much brilliant.

Why are they so good? Here are five “Community” spoilers to give you a hint.

1. Jeff Winger’s (Joel McHale) legal career isn’t exactly skyrocketing, even if his commercials do feature the lawyer punching out a giant robot in order to save the city.

2. Did Greendale suck away the dreams and humanity of its students? That might explain why — when Season 5 begins — Annie (Alison Brie) has a job passing out pens for a pharmaceuticals company.

3. Professor Hickey (Jonathan Banks) likes to draw ducks.

4. It is possible to graduate from Greendale Community College, even if your senior thesis is created from Lego bricks.

5. At no point in the previous four years of “Community” has the audience seen the interior of the teachers’ lounge. We have really been missing out.

And one to think on:

  • Per instructions from NBC, there may or may not be one spoiler that I’m not allowed to mention. So I won’t. But if that spoiler really does exist, know that it is awesome.

“Community” Season 5 premieres Thursday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown