“Community” Season 5 returns on Jan. 2. Obviously, an event of this magnitude (Pop! Pop!) deserves an epic trailer video. That is exactly what NBC has delivered in one of the most ridiculously over-the-top ad in television history.

It’s beautiful.

Drawing from scenes from several Season 5 episodes — and noting that this season of “Community” comes from the guy (Dan Harmon) who brought us seasons 1 through 3 — this particular trailer is thoroughly entertaining. If this is what “Community” fans have in store for them over the next few months, then perhaps the oft-shouted “six seasons and a movie” mantra isn’t too far off.

Note: In a fan-friendly touch, the voiceover of “six seasons and a movie!” comes from Abed in the clip-show episode, the phrase’s origin.

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What are some highlights in the video?

  • “Son of a b****! After everything ‘Scrubs’ did for him?” Savvy fans will get the meta reference to the fact that Donald Glover, much like Zach Braff, is set to leave “Community” partway through the season.
  • Be honest: Is anyone even remotely shocked by Chang’s admission regarding masturbation?
  • That is indeed Walton Goggins administering a lie-detector test. 
  • Britta is taking over the school? Wow, things are different this season.
  • There seems to be a definite post-apocalyptic theme going on here. Also, “Lord of the Rings.” Because … It’s cool?

“Community” returns Thursday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown