dan harmon community season 6 reddit ama gi 'Community' Season 6: Dan Harmon is comfortable in 'eternal limbo'

“Community” was never supposed to last this long. Despite the eternal fan rallying cry of “six seasons and a movie,” few thought that that goal was actually a possibility. Now, however, “Community” Season 6 is close to happening — but is hardly a sure thing.

Show creator Dan Harmon is OK with that. He is used to uncertainty when it comes to his comedy.

During a Reddit AMA mostly focusing on Harmon’s other project, animated series “Rick and Morty,” the writer took a moment to answer a “Community”-oriented question about the possibility of another year after the current Season 5 ends.

“You can count on any news about ‘Community’s’ renewal happening out-of-the-blue and last minute in May or so. We have to start accepting at this point that God designed ‘Community’ to exist in eternal limbo, where every coin you drop lands on its edge and birds fly backward. I have become comfortable there. I set up an easy chair and a cooler and I just sit there and relax as an act of defiance.”

It’s a bit of a non-answer, but it’s interesting and happens to be reminiscent of a classic “Twilight Zone” episode (which stars Dick York of “Bewitched” fame, by the way). Also, it’s a sign of hope to the rather diehard fans who have stuck with a silly, bizarre and occasionally brilliant comedy for five seasons.

Six seasons and a movie!

Posted by:Laurel Brown