Ladies and gentlemen, please ready your torches and pitchforks. Because you’re not going to like this article one bit.

NBC should cancel “Community” after Season 4.

“Wait, what?” you ask, being the staunchly devoted “Community” fan that would actually read this article. “Why is she saying this? And to think I thought this idiot writer was a fan!”

That’s okay. You have every right to be confused and disappointed in me. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore what I’m about to say here. After all, it’s part of my job to think about “Community,” and I do so regularly. I didn’t come to this cancellation decision lightly.
Here are my five reasons to say goodbye now:

1. “Community” isn’t giving us a good product.

Even if you have enjoyed the episodes that make up “Community” Season 4, you probably don’t think the show is as good as it once was. Sure, there were some good ones — the Jim Rash-penned body-switching episode may rank among my top 20 “Community” episodes of all time — but that’s not enough.

The majority of Season 4’s 13 offerings were well below the show’s standards. It’s sad but true.

2. There’s nothing new under the sun.

I blame this one on the departure of Dan Harmon and the installation of new showrunners.

Everyone on the creative side obviously knew that Harmon’s weird genius was the inspiration for so much of the brilliance of “Community.” But with him gone, how could the show recapture that spark?

The choice seems to be a rehashing of every old plot and gimmick in slightly new situations. Chang is deceptive and evil! The Dean has a funny attraction to Jeff! Abed is weird! We know all of this. And the past season hasn’t given us anything new. The characters aren’t changing anymore — so what’s the point of watching them?

3. Chevy Chase is gone.

This one might not matter much to most fans, but it sure as heck matters to the executives at NBC. Chase was the big star. Can they believe in the show without one?

4. The cast needs to move on.

“Community” has one of the best comedy-ensemble casts ever. From Joel McHale‘s snarky Jeff to Yvette Nicole Brown‘s falsely sweet Shirley to Danny Pudi‘s otherworldly Abed, there is nothing but greatness on the screen. I’ll miss the actors when they’re gone, but it’s time for them all to have something new.

This show is never going to be a commercial hit, and it’s just unfair to keep high-end actors hanging around and hanging onto a shred of hope. They need new projects to keep the laughter going.

5. The show has been over for months already.

Although “Community” still seems current to TV viewers, keep in mind that the show has — in production terms — been over for months. With its Season 4 premiere originally scheduled for October 19, 2012, “Community” began filming its 13 episodes early and then completed production during the winter of 2013.

They were finished before fans even got a look at what was coming.

Sets were struck, actors fanned out into other gigs, writers got jobs at new sitcoms. It can be restarted, but production on “Community” is over for now.

Should “Community” be saved or should NBC just cancel it? Let us know what you think! (Just don’t send hate mail to the author. She is very sensitive and easily frightened.)

Posted by:Laurel Brown