Christmas on “Community” is always … interesting. For the Season 4 holiday episode, things might get downright deadly. That’s just what happens when a crotchety history professor shows up at a Christmas party, apparently.

The action begins when Jeff (Joel McHale) decides to throw a holiday gathering at this apartment. Annie (Alison Brie), however, uses the party as an excuse to invite Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell). Why would Annie do such a thing? It seems that the group got a bad grade on a joint history paper, and the young Miss Edison wants to butter-up the teacher.

It doesn’t work out so well.

The clip from “Intro to Knots” shows exactly how poorly Annie’s plan has worked. By the time we meet the study group, their history grade has dropped to an F. Also, Abed’s (Danny Pudi) shirt seems somewhat singed.

To make matters even worse, someone invited Chang (Ken Jeong) as well. Is Professor Cornwallis going to live until New Year’s?

Because “Community” has a Christmas-in-April situation, the show is teaming with zeebox to offer viewers prizes for interacting with “Intro to Knots.” Using the zeebox app, fans will be able to play “‘Community’ zeetag Bingo.”

In order to be eligible for prizes, viewers must listen for key phrases and then quickly click on the corresponding box on their bingo cards. A victory is won if the player gets three squares in a row by the end of the show. Anyone with a winning board or a board that was played throughout the full episode can enter the “Belated Christmas Gifts” contest by either tweeting their bingo victory or by using a pre-populated tweet with a specific hashtag.

Two winners will get prize packs including a Sony 55-inch Internet television, a Sony Xperia Tablet and Sony X headphones.

The “Community” game will be live during “Intro to Knots” on Thursday, April 18 at 8pm ET.

Posted by:Laurel Brown