The rough relationship between “Community” and Chevy Chase has been in the news, off and on, for about a year now. Rumors of anger and feuds led to leaked recordings of outrage, and eventually Chase left the show. His cast-mates have mostly stayed quiet, but Joel McHale did talk about a lot of the problems on “Larry King Now.”

As is so often the case, McHale — who plays Jeff Winger on the show — managed to keep his discussion civil, no matter how much Larry King tried to poke around for a scandal. What the whole mess came down to, according to McHale, was a simple problem: “He did not want to be there.”

When asked about the reasons behind Chase’s unhappiness, McHale gave reasons that do make sense. “He did not like the hours, and he kept saying he didn’t like the writing,” the actor said. McHale also brought up what he called “the incident,” a publicized situation in which Chase was accused of making racist jokes.

McHale did admit that even though he still considers Chase a friend (“He still texts me.”), life on the set wasn’t always the best. “It’s like a party,” McHale joked, “With unhappy people.”

“Community” airs Thursdays at 8pm on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown