While “Community” tends to be a rather hilarious show all of the time, its funniest moments often come in the final seconds of every broadcast. These random and ridiculous tags usually reflect upon the themes of the episode or preview what is to come.

For Thursday’s (April 4) episode, “Herstory of Dance,” there are actually two tags. The original tag filmed featured singer Sophie B. Hawkins spending time with Troy and Abed. Meanwhile, the aired tag showcased the puppets that will return for next week’s “Intro to Felt Surrogacy.”

You could only watch one of these tags during the original broadcast, but now you have the chance to decide which is best.

Before it was decided that the “Community” tag should preview the upcoming puppets, the original tag for this dance-themed episode brought Hawkins together with her big fans, Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi). The rest is musical hertory…

“Damn, I wish Abed was Batman…”

That was good, of course. But there were no puppets. Puppets cannot be denied. Thus, we got the tag that actually did air, showing the entire study group as singing pieces of felt and foam.

Am I the only one who got a “Fraggle Rock” vibe off of this? Too bad there was never an aloof, texting Fraggle named Jeff.

Are you looking forward to the puppets returning? Which tag did you like the best?

Posted by:Laurel Brown