community course selection unavailable ken jeong 'Community': Vote on who'll die in the 'Law & Order' episode“Community” is back with a brand new episode. In fact, this may be the most anticipated episode since the last time the gang played paintball. “Course Listing Unavailable” is the “Law & Order” episode the cast has been talking about since before the season began.

This is also the episode where someone dies. We’ve been hearing about it for months now and speculation is high. Will it be Starburns (Dino Stamatopoulos)? Leonard (Richard Erdman)? Annie’s Boobs (Crystal the Monkey)?

We’ve got two previews of the episode for you. Enjoy the “Bong Bong” and vote in our poll about who’s going to die. Chevy Chase is in the promo photos, so we doubt it will be him, though fans of the show might be wishing it was after his recent comments about the show. “Community” airs Thursday nights on NBC.  

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