tvpartywo11.jpgFor those of us on the seven-year plan for
our associate’s degree, there is a certain something that makes us not want to
turn off Community, the new comedy airing Thursdays on NBC. And while that
“something” could be that it is remarkably funny or well written, the honest
truth is that it’s more fun than studying for our third try at Latin 101.
(Seriously, tempus fugit, professor!) And any time you can get Chevy Chase and
Joel McHale to take Spanish from a guy named Senor Chang, you’ll get an A for
effort. Trust us, the prerequisite for a good time is inviting your friends and
neighbors to our Community party!


Setting the scene:

The Group Study Room at Greendale Community
is a horrifying blend of glass,
industrial carpeting, long wooden tables and chairs meant for standing. But
community college itself is so much more: primarily a confusing array of
offices and forms. Pick your local C.C. and
hand-make signs for the admissions office, registrar’s office and financial aid
office. Hang pennants, diplomas, parking tickets – it is a community college, after
all – and admission packets on all the walls. The key is to have as much
college-related paraphernalia as possible, and that includes a corkboard wall covered in fliers for everything from “Roommate Wanted” to
“Used Books For Sale” to “Open Mic at the Union.” Make sure they have plenty of
tear-off tabs. Copy as many campus maps as you can and hand them out during
orientation (as soon as everyone arrives). Give everyone a spiral notebook and No. 2 pencil along with the Cliff’s Notes to “Hamlet.”



Back to school, of course! Suggest
cardigans, college sweatshirts, college baseball caps,
sweatpants and sneakers. And in a nod to Pierce Hawthorne (Chase), a nice
turtleneck under a sport coat.


On the menu:

Serve huge 48-cut pizzas on a table set up
as the bookstore’s book sale. Use old textbooks and notebooks as the decorative


On the hi-fi:

Adult Education by Hall & Oates, Chalkdust
by Phish, Army by Ben Folds Five, Graduation Day by the Beach
Boys, Going Away to College by Blink-182, Hot for Teacher by Van Halen, Mark Me Absent by the Clash.


The showstopper:

While we can’t recommend
throwing this party in the A/V room at the college (it’s probably already
booked for a very important poetry reading), we can recommend you buy gift
certificates from your local college for one three-credit course and give those
out to the top three guests who can answer the most PSAT questions.

Posted by:Michael Korb