Community-nbc-Allison-Brie-comic-con-320.jpgThe adorable Alison Brie, who plays Annie on “Community,” must feel on top of the world. She’ll be starring in “Scream 4” and her other gig, a little show called “Mad Men” premiered with Season 4 on Sunday (July 25).

Zap2it caught up with the gal, whose character is causing a stir on “Community” as a romantic dynamic has built between Annie and Jeff (played by Joel McHale), which seems to have caused a divide among fans.

“Through out the season, there had been a lot of feedback in favor of Annie and Jeff,” she says. “And then after the finale, there were a ton of other people that were like, ‘What?’ ‘Scooby-what?’ You know, it was just interesting to see. There were two different camps.”

She also told us that shooting the food fight this season was nuts, but so was eating all those chicken fingers. “We had to eat them for hours,” she tells us. “It was really gross, but super fun.”

She didn’t give up any details about what we can expect for Season 2, but she definitely knows what she wants.

“I’m hoping that Annie is maybe gonna tone down her sluttiness next season,” she jokes. “That’s a lie. I’m not hoping that at all. I love it. I hope they run with it.”

Watch our chat with her at San Diego Comic-Con below:

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Additional reporting by Gerrick D. Kennedy.
Video Credit: Jethro Nededog, Zap2it

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