alison brie scream awarsd 'Community's' Alison Brie: Who would flunk out of a live episode?Last week’s highly successful live episode of “30 Rock” has got everyone buzzing about the possibility of live broadcast sitcoms, so when Zap2it caught up with fellow NBC comedienne Alison Brie at the 2010 Scream awards, we had to find out how a live episode of “Community” might go over.

There was very little hesitation when we asked her who would be the first cast member to flub a line. “Oh, Chevy Chase,” she says. “Chevy’s so great, but he may or may not mess up the most.” Of course, she’s not taking into account his long and storied “Saturday Night Live” career.

We’re not the only ones on board for a “Community” live ep. “On Twitter I got a bunch of things like, ’30 Rock did it, Community should do it!’ and I just thought, but why?” We think they could pull it off just fine.

Brie has a key role in the new “Scream 4” movie, so we got the scoop on what makes her scream. “So many things! If someone were to sneak up on me, but even if they weren’t planning to sneak up on me,” she says, before setting up a hilarious scenario. She even gave us a good, loud scream at the end — we can tell she’s practiced. You don’t want to miss the video for Brie’s “meandering story.”


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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie