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“Community” returned last week with a lot of pressure placed on it. Not only is the show kicking off NBC’s new comedy block, but TV’s No. 1 show, “American Idol,” returned to the same time slot on Thursday nights.
When Zap2it was on-set at “Community” before the midseason return, we got a chance to talk “American Idol” with star Joel McHale, who plays the cool Jeff Winger, and he says the crew is ready for the “Idol” challenge.
“Yes, we’re ready to take them on,” he jokes. “We have been working out. Preseason’s been great. Ready to take them on.”
McHale has two views on the reality show. On the one hand, it poses a ratings challenge for the NBC show, but it also presents some new material for his other gig hosting E!’s “The Soup.”  

“With the new line of judges,” he says. “It will be fresh for ‘The Soup,’ which is great.”
McHale is also not shy about being a fan of the singing competition. “I actually really like that show,” he admits.

“They don’t live in a house together,” he adds. “They don’t manufacture drama. I’m sure that there is stuff that is, [but] it’s not inherent to ‘let’s get people together, ply them with booze and hope they fight’ as with a lot of reality shows.”
We’re sure MTV’s “Jersey Shore” makes for good content for “The Soup,” as well.
While McHale couldn’t watch “Idol” as much he has since starting “Community,” he says that he has been known to throw a few votes their way. “I voted for Fantasia a lot when she was on,” he admits. 
Of course, we didn’t forget that his E! coworker, Ryan Seacrest, is the host of “Idol” and we admit we tried to instigate a Twitter war between the two.
“Stop copying my skinny ties, Seacrest,” referring to his character’s penchant for the retro style. “I’m on to you.”
Let the Twitter war begin!
Watch our chat below:

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