“Community” is going through some big changes as it heads into Season 5, both good and bad. The good is that the NBC comedy’s original creator Dan Harmon has returned as showrunner, though the bad is that star Donald Glover‘s episode order was reduced from 13 to five. The show held a San Diego Comic-Con panel on July 21, but Zap2it got a chance to talk to Yvette Nicole Brown about those two big changes before the panel took place.

“[Harmon] was always there in spirit, though. It’s not like he left the show and all of us stopped talking to him. Like, we still talk to him,” Brown says of Harmon’s returning during an interview at the Warner Bros.’ DC Entertainment party. “It’s nice to have him on set, spearheading everything.”

She adds, “I know that the right man to handle [Glover’s absence] is in charge.”

So was Brown surprised that Harmon was asked back to “Community” after previously being let go by the network? According to her, “Nothing surprises me on ‘Community’ anymore.”

“Our show is so different, everything happens behind the scenes is so different,” Brown says. “How can we be shocked anymore? We got pulled off the air, Oct. 19 didn’t happen. Halloween and Arbor Day. It’s like, whatever.”

As for Glover’s reduced order, Brown says that she has no hard feelings.

“He’s a very famous rapper,” she explains, referencing Glover’s alter ego as Childish Gambino. “He’s 27, 28 years old; he’s got to live his life. I don’t begrudge anyone living their life and pursuing every opportunity that works for them so I’m happy for him, God bless. We’ll miss him.”

“YOLO, Donald. YOLO,” Brown says.

“Community” is slated to return to NBC with a 13-episode fifth season.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz