conan obrien headshot gi Conan O'Brien back in New York City: Did NYC give the show new life?Late-night fave Conan O’Brien transplants “Conan,” his Los Angeles-based TBS show, to NYC this week for five nights of broadcasting from his old home in the Big Apple, where he shot 17 seasons of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

Conan recently told Entertainment Weekly that this time, he wants the full tourist experience. “I’m going to be terrified of Central Park,” he quipped. “I’m going to be complaining
about the urine smell. I’m going to be horrified that my half a bagel
with cream cheese costs $35. And I’m going to walk around with a
cardboard suitcase and look up at the skyscrapers and marvel at ‘them
moving boxes’ that take you from one floor to the next. I’m going to
look at New York with a fresh eye.”

He hopes that the brief relocation makes the show feel different. “When we travel with the show, we like the DNA of the show to change.
It’s really important to me that these feel like New York shows, so one
of the key components was to make sure that I’m out amongst the people,
and that it’s not something where it’s just, ‘Okay, he’s in the Beacon
Theatre, but he’s doing the same old crap.’ This will be me going
outside and doing the same old crap, which will be a whole new way of
looking at it.”

Conan spent four days in NYC shooting segments, which will be used as comedy bits in the live shows, and he says that he has great memories of the city. “We’ll be down in the Garment District and I’ll look out the window and
be like, ‘Yeah, I remember wearing an antelope head, riding on Andy
Richter’s back in ’98.’ It’s all these old war stories coming back.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie