conan obrien 320 Conan O'Brien, Chris Colfer, Damon Lindelof: TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24 hours…

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too… not often though)

Gratuity not included, Coco!: @ConanOBrien I just gave my waitress, Bambi, tickets to tonight’s show in Spokane. Do I still have to tip her?

Where do we go to vote for Chris Colfer (“Glee”)?: @chriscolfer:
If I ever rule the world, my first order of buisness will be to put “coin return” buttons on parking meters.

Good news for “Lost” fans. We think: @DamonLindelof:
Please Lord, let us be a little more uplifting than ALF.

“Community” creator Dan Harmon and “Parks and Rec”‘s Aziz Ansari are work neighbors… wouldn’t mind getting up to go to this building every day : @danharmon: I can hear @azizansari doing “available on demand from comcast” bumps directly under my office window. #FirstRealSignsofSpring

@danharmon: 10 secs after tweeting that I could hear @azizansari, he shouted “Dan Harmon” up at my window. No jet packs, but 2010 is the future.

“Modern Familly” stars Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson enjoy a night on the town:
@ericstonestreet: @jessetyler
and I have a hot date tonight! Drinks/appetizers and a Broadway show!!! Wooo whooo!

@jessetyler: I am NOT putting out so don’t ask.RT @ericstonestreet: @jessetyler and I have a hot date tonight! Drinks/appetizers and a Broadway show!!! Wooo whooo!

Misha Collins (“Supernatural”) has something in common with Justin Bieber: @mishacollins: i feel bad for poking fun at little Jusin “Hair Boy” Bieber. When i was 16, I was also a long-banged pretty boy:

Stephen Nathan has taken his “Bones” teasing to a new level: @squarechicken:
Final notes on the finale. How fitting. This is going to be a good one because Booth and Brennan… oops, I don’t have enough room…

@squarechicken: Sorry… I should have planned that out better. Okay, so here goes. The finale. It turns out that after all that has happened, Booth…

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