conan obrien 320 Conan O'Brien, Chris Colfer, Nina Dobrev: Top TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and crazy television tweets of the past 24 hours…

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too… not often though)

Hey, Coco, if the Staples thing doesn’t work out, we have another suggestion for you: @ConanOBrien: This morning I
applied for a job at Home Depot, but they couldn’t find an apron big
enough to fit over my head. Tomorrow: Staples.

“Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder poses for costar Nina Dobrev:
@iansomerhalder on set ….weird but very cool picture huh! Almost like half his face is black+white!

Okay, maybe Chris Colfer is a little edgier and more like “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy than we thought: @chriscolfer: Just once I’d like to see a bumper sticker that says “My child’s a moron!”

By our calculations, this tweet from “Bones” executive producer Stephen Nathan means the Gravedigger should be popping back up on on May 13th: @squarechicken: Concept meeting
with Dwight Little, director extraordinaire. Gravedigger. Penultimate
episode. How will our people handle the case?

“Community” creator Dan Harmon is right– who cares about medals when you could be watching a naked Joel McHale?: @danharmon: America, you just won a gold medal in Pretending to Care About Winter Sports. Your prize? A NEW COMMUNITY. TONIGHT. 8/7c

“Stargate Universe” star David Blue has a lot in common with his character: @DavidBlue: Saw a bat staring @DecktheHalls & myself. Somebody told us it was a “flying fox”. I choose to believer it was selecting me as the next Batman

The whole world is in love with “Modern Family”: @SteveLevitan:
Look who stopped by today:

Is there a killer tweet from today that we missed?

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