conan obrien 320 Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Kristin Chenoweth: TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the
past 24 hours…


Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here
too… not often though)

We knew there was a reason Coco always looks so pretty: @ConanOBrien: Tonight I perform
in the talent show at my college reunion. So watch out, New England
Institute of Cosmetology, I’m bringing my accordion.

Jimmy Kimmel is messing with the wrong woman: @jimmykimmel:
My goal this year
is to steal@kinggayle
away from Oprah.
We WILL BE ONE Gayle! You’re my new best friend, whether you like it or

TV’s Kristin Chenoweth is sick and tweeting through it: @KChenoweth:
I hate pollen,
trachea infections and mucous. There. I said it.

Mindy Kaling (“The Office”), you might be our soul mate: @mindykaling: Who else lives in
the miniscule overlap on the Venn Diagram of people into the Western
Conference Finals AND Sex and The City 2?

What we can look forward to on “The Good Guys,” via writer
Aaron Ginsburg: @DrLawyercop: We just sent a
reasonable email to FOX S&P” “We’d like to keep the references in to
“cutting off balls” and “ball-cutting”, if possible.”

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