conan obrien tonight 320 Conan O'Brien may take to the stageConan O’Brien can’t appear on TV until September, but he may have hit on a way to let people see him before then.

According to a couple of reports, O’Brien is considering mounting a live stage show that would hit several cities and keep him in front of fans while he waits out the terms of his exit deal from NBC.

That deal, however, only says that he has to stay off television — he doesn’t have to stay out of the public eye completely. A live show is a way around that and, as a source notes to Page Six, “will build more buzz for him as he negotiates his next television contract.”

FOX has expressed some interest in talking to O’Brien about launching a late-night show, but no formal talks have taken place.

There’s no word yet on what form a Conan-fronted live show would take, or what elements (if any) from his late-night experience he might incorporate. If he decides he wants bandleader Max Weinberg along for the ride, that’s probably doable; Weinberg’s on a break from his other gig as Bruce Springsteen’s drummer at the moment.

The Wrap also notes that a live show would probably be tied into a new online venture for O’Brien.

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Posted by:Rick Porter