conan wedding tbs Conan O'Brien officiates gay wedding during return to New YorkConan O’Brien finished off his week-long return to New York by doing something he can’t yet do in his California studio, conduct a gay wedding.

The late-night host led the televised marriage ceremony between his show’s costume designer Scott Cronick and boyfriend David Gorshein. This all happened in front of a packed house at the Beacon Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

The comedy component of the affair was at an absolute minimum. In Gorshein’s vows he says to Cronick, “Anyone in the world would be happy to wear one of your designs, but no one is possibly happier than I am to wear your ring.”

Cronick thoughts were equally heartfelt.

“I have only one vow for you. I vow to fill your every day with so much love. Cameras or no cameras, I am here today and I am yours forever,” he says to Gorshein.

O’Brien then pronounced the two “husband and husband” and they kissed. The funny came in later when the two were led off by a Ted Turner impersonator.

Here’s hoping their marriage lasts longer than that other televised wedding. We’re looking at you Kim Kardashian.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein