It’s like when that person who used to live in your house stops by and asks if they can look around, only much funnier and much less awkward.

Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon was surprised on Wednesday (Oct. 5) when Conan O’Brien, the man who last held the chair for 16 years, popped in for a quick visit. After mistaking Roots drummer ?uestlove for his old partner Max Weinberg, O’Brien grabbed something that he had apparently left behind — Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

As much as we enjoy Jimmy Fallon (and we do), we miss Conan in that chair and it’s hard to swallow the ever-so-faint air of uncertainty that surrounds Coco these days. In any case, the two funnymen side by side is an example that the pedigree on that show (Letterman to O’Brien to Fallon) has long surpassed that of any other late night talker.  

Posted by:janderson