conan obrien stephen colber Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert tweeting jokes about oil soaked birds    funny or not?Late-night funnymen Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert have recently cracked a few jokes about the Gulf oil spill. So what, right? There are plenty of jokes to be made, particularly at the expense of BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Except O’Brien and Colbert aren’t poking fun at Hayward, they’re actually making cracks about oil-soaked, dying birds. Innocent animals whose habitat is now pretty much destroyed.

]]>tweeted: “in honor of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now ‘gurgles.“ If you retweet Colbert’s “joke”, Address the Mess will donate one dollar (up to $50,000 total) to The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund to aid recovery efforts. On June 19, Conan tweeted: “The past 2 months I’ve been on tour and haven’t followed the news. What’s with all the photos of chocolate pelicans?” To be honest — we don’t really find either of those tweets funny. Not at all. But at least Colbert’s is trying to help? Yay? What do you think? Are the tweets funny or in really poor taste? Follow Zap2it and Zap2it Andrea  on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Digg

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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