How much does Conan O’Brien want you to watch his new show on TBS? So much that he’s willing to risk life and limb for your entertainment.

The latest promo for “Conan” on TBS is playing in Regal Cinemas theaters across the country, and it’s appropriately action-packed. In it, Conan throws his stuntman to the side, then proceeds to drive a 1969 Dodge Dart over a cliff.

The car, by the way, has 80 pounds of plastic explosives in the trunk, a backseat full of fireworks and 600 pounds of unpopped popcorn under the hood and is doused in gasoline.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t actually O’Brien at the wheel. But it’s a fun two minutes nonetheless. “Conan” debuts Nov. 8 on TBS.

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Posted by:Rick Porter