conan obrien out 320 Conan O'Brien's FOX deal 'not even close'Rumor has it that Conan O’Brien is on the verge of making a pact with FOX. But rumor, as it so often is, is wrong.

The former “Tonight Show” host’s manager Gavin Polone set the record straight with FOX News’ Pop Tarts.

“He is not even close (to signing a new contract),” said Polone Thursday (March 25). “I don’t know where that’s all coming from. We’ve met with a few places and been in talks but nothing is even near being finalized.”

In the meantime, O’Brien has been prepping for his comedy tour, which starts April 12, learning to abuse Twitter and turning down jobs like the “Idol Gives Back” offer since NBC has blocked him from making TV appearances for now.

“We’ve had so many different offers for different things, Conan has been offered all sorts of movie roles but we’ve had to say no because with the tour there just isn’t time for it,” adds the manager.

O’Brien won’t be free to start a new TV show until September.

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