Leave it to Conan O’Brien and Co. to make one of the most hilariously weird supercuts of all time.

On Monday (Dec. 15), Team Coco dropped a video of the best and most bizarre moments of “Conan” Season 4, only — Twist! — some of the images have definitely been altered and animated. Which, honestly, just makes the entire experience that much better. As the show’s YouTube page says, it’s “nearly five minutes of insane celeb mashups and general WTF-ness,” and what more could fans ask for? 

The above clip starts out with an extremely excited O’Brien tumbling down from space in an asteroid and landing on his stage to take viewers down a Season 4-themed memory lane, and things only get crazier from there.

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At one point, the host — who is sporting a very “Max Headroom” look — presses a red button to the beat of the music, causing his guests to rapidly change appearance (well, technically, they only partially change appearance). For example, when he presses the button, the celebrities heads don’t end up on their actual bodies — they end up on someone else’s body. What that means is that the video is full of hysterical images of Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a slimming black dress and George R. R. Martin with no pants on. Basically, it’s face-and-torso swapping at its finest.

fcf3d 'Conan' supercut: Benedict Cumberbatch in a dress, Jennifer Lawrence chatting about butt plugs

Fortunately for viewers, the video just keeps on getting better. What follows is Jennifer Lawrence’s head popping out of a hole in a meteoroid while she talks about butt plugs, O’Brien drinking beers with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in a Lyft car and Andy Serkis channeling Gollum. “Conan” definitely had a good year. 

“Conan” airs Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

Posted by:Casey Rackham