conan barbarian trailer 'Conan the Barbarian' trailer: Jason Momoa vs Rose McGowan's forehead

The full-length theatrical trailer for “Conan the Barbarian” is out — and in addition to giving us an extended glimpse at star Jason Mamoa sporting more of his “Game of Thrones” eye shadow, Rose McGowan reveals herself as a seriously creepy foe.

Playing Conan’s witch nemesis Marique, McGowan’s regular ‘do is replaced with a severe forehead extension and two crimson rolls of yarn. We’re not sure what’s more menacing, the look or her apparent ability to create homicidal sand people.

The hair and makeup wasn’t a quick change for McGowan either. WWD spoke with the actress after they wrapped filming. “It required six hours of makeup each day,” she says, “starting at 2:30 in the morning.”

And then there’s Mamoa. The 21st century Conan doesn’t say a lot in the trailer, but his imposing stature seems to fill the role all on its own. Have a look for yourself: 

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell