conan obrien emmys 320 Conan's new show is ... 'Conan'The world has been waiting with bated breath to find out the title of Conan O’Brien‘s new late-night show on TBS. Or at least TV critics and O’Brien fans, who come to think of it have probably been breathing normally.

O’Brien teased on Twitter Tuesday (Aug. 31) that he would be revealing the show’s title on Wednesday, and so it came to be. Are you ready? OK, here goes:

Conan’s new show, premiering Nov. 8, is called “Conan.” Apparently the people remaking “Conan the Barbarian” — and who were planning to call the 2011 flick “Conan” — were OK with O’Brien using his own name, and really, we doubt there will be much confusion between the two.

So “Conan” (or is that “Conaw”?) it is. We’ll let the man himself explain the nuances of the title.

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Posted by:Rick Porter