conjoined twins successfully separated Conjoined twins Joshua and Jacob Spates successfully separatedIt isn’t our usual fare, but with all the sadness going on in the world — porn stars being eaten by badgers, actors being accosted by fudgesicles — we couldn’t resist posting a little feel-good news on this Thursday morning.

Successful operations to separate conjoined twins are rare, but this week, a hospital in Memphis is celebrating the health of Joshua and Jacob Spates, 7-month-old twins who were born conjoined at the spine and sharing a rectum, muscles and nerves.

The babies underwent a grueling 13-hour operation at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. An incredible 34 people were on the pediatric surgical team. They spent over a month rehearsing the surgery before going in.

The babies are already “using their legs and getting ready to try to crawl out of bed,” says Dr. Max Langham, the team leader of the surgery.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie