connie britton adopts getty Connie Britton speaks out against Mitt Romney's co opting of the 'Friday Night Lights' sloganWhen Tami Taylor speaks, people listen, y’all. And Connie Britton, who played the Texas guidance counselor on “Friday Night Lights” for many years, is following in show creator Peter Berg’s footsteps in speaking out against Mitt Romney‘s co-opting of the beloved show’s slogan, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

In an editorial in USA Today co-written with “FNL” executive producer Sarah Aubrey, Britton comes out against Romney and talks about how his policies would affect the women of Dillon, Texas, the fictional town depicted on the show.

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Britton and Aubrey say of the slogan, “it was a rallying cry of hope and optimism in a community where everyone had a fair shot — no matter their background, no matter their parents, no matter their gender. And no matter their politics.”

The women on the show “are like the millions of women across the nation. Women who want to make our own health care decisions. Women who want to earn equal pay for the work we do. Women who want affordable health care,” they write.

It’s not Romney who embodies the “FNL” philosophy, Britton and Aubrey say. “In fact, it is President Obama who has shown his values to be more closely aligned with those represented by the phrase.”

PHOTOS: Famous faces for Romney

Britton and Aubrey urge people to take back the phrase. “As women, let’s take ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’ back and use it as it was always intended — as a motivator for progress, power, and greatness. Let’s use our clear eyes and full hearts to vote early. Let’s use our clear eyes and full hearts to tell every friend, family member and neighbor about what’s at stake for women in this election.”

What do you think of Britton’s editorial? Do you think Romney or Obama better represents the “FNL” slogan?

Posted by:Jean Bentley