conrad murray oct 12 getty Conrad Murray trial: Defense drops claim Michael Jackson drank PropofolThere were a couple of bombshells at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

Michael Flanagan, attorney for the physician charged in Michael Jackson’s death, said they will no longer pursue the defense that the pop star accidentally killed himself by ingesting Propofol. This move comes after a study revealed such an action would not prove fatal. During their opening statement the defense team said they would show that Jackson self-administered the drug, thus killing him.

The other news involved the gripping testimony from Dr. Alon Steinberg. While on the stand, the Malibu cardiologist said that Dr. Murray’s actions, in his opinion, directly contributed to Jackson’s death.

“Giving Propofol in unmonitored setting without personnel, without appropriate monitoring, without appropriate equipment, not being prepared, not appropriately reacting to a [cardiac] arrest, not calling 911 on a timely fashion, all directly impacted his life,” Steinberg says. “If these deviations were not to happen, Mr. Jackson would have been alive.”

If convicted, Murray could face four years in prison.

Posted by:David Eckstein